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Pony Training: Five Case Studies on Pony Play, Ownership, and Kinky Submission

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Klow - ponygirl

Dr. Garth-Mundinger Klow sets his naughty academic gaze on the curious act of pony play, where a man or woman is trained to be and transforms into a pony, with an assortment of accoutrements, tails, hooves, and reins.

The five case studies herein, taken from three years of precise sociological research, reveals the inner makings of human to pony: women and men who are either equine or Trainer, Groomer or Master, the rider or the ridden.

We are certain you will find these in-depth true stories of pony training titillating, sexy, raunchy, fascinating, strange, kinky, comforting and satisfying. The climax of each tale will leave you breathless!

Once again, Dr. Mundinger-Klow exhibits no fear: there isn’t a subject in the world that is not taboo for his qualitative inquiry!

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Pony Girl 3

Pony Girl 2

Czech Pony 2


After Class: A Study of the Student-Teacher Sexual Relationship

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Klow after class

Remember that old Van Halen song “Hot for Teacher”? Do you remember that junior high, high school, and college crush on your favorite instructor or professor and their wonderful intellect, man or woman?

At one point or another, we have all had the hots for teachers… and some of us teachers have had the desire gaze on the student body. Not all of us are like Indiana Jones, running away from temptation.

The study takes a look at sexual pedagogy in high school and college, straight and gay, female teachers and students, and male teachers and students.

Jo FloorAt Issue

The sociological interview approach was used. Sexual relations between student and teacher is a sociological event and an issue in culture and human interaction. The issue of unequal power is always at the forefront: who is in control: the one in power, or the one desired? The teacher may not always be the one in power; as we see from several of the included case studies, the student holds the power.


Data from observations and interviews (Denzin 1978) focuses on dancer-client interaction as well as dancer-dancer interaction inside and outside the bar. Obtained data is “thick” in description (Denzin 1989), conveyed by the dancers themselves. A similar approach used by Deshotels and Forsyth (2005, p. 229) is employed, a technique that “let[s]the respondents speak for themselves, presenting [the experience] world in full vivid detail.” Thirty-three teachers and twenty-nine students or former students were interviewed at irregular intervals between November 2006 and February 2009, based on respondents to our call for interviewees at several college campuses in California and New York. Individual interviews lasted from fifteen minutes to two hours. A snowball sampling technique was used. Initial contacts with subjects, and requests for interviews, was made by the researcher; the contacts then recommended others who would be willing to talk with the researcher, such as the student whom the teacher had sexual intercourse with, and vice versa. All contacts were assured anonymity and confidentiality.

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