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Animal Fark: A Study of Equal Relationships Between Species

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Klow - Fark

Author: Dr. Garth Mundinger-Klow

About: Loneliness and the modern condition leave many a soul–four-legged or two–feeling unsatisfied and wanting for more. But there are those among our number, left to their own devices, making their own decisions, some of those decisions deemed “wrong” by the authorities. And where are we? Is it truly bad to be one with the animals?

Disputing the notion that our own society’s Napoleons are “always right,” Dr. Mundinger-Klow takes us through case histories of those who dare to stray and violate one of society’s most dread taboos. With guides and examples for a new mammalian revolution.

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This study took seven years to conduct, mainly because we found it difficult to find interview subjects willing to talk about their experiences in “zoophilia.”

Sexual intercourse with animals has for a long time been a forbidden subject, considered ‘sick’, unethical and ‘kinky’ to name only a few classifications. Before the Hellas Empire (the Greek) there are legends of humans having intercourse with animals, or half animals. It’s quite interesting to read those stories, as a woman, the male is played by an animal and the female by a human woman. Often, the texts are very detailed, and most of the times the women get pregnant, giving birth to gods, half- animals or humans with animal looks. Weather one should believe these stories or not, I do not know, but at least it shows us that even before our so called modern time there was some thought of animal intercourse.

Whether it occurred or not, we don’t know for sure, but the thought isn’t hard to fathom. With the increasing technology mankind left the fields for the cities, and by doing this we also left the farms, which have created a large gap between man and animals. Moving to flats in highly populated areas has of course led to having only some pets in the homes, with this the closeness pet-human has increased, and many households have shown that pets, especially dogs, have become a part of the Eastern way of living, the dog has become almost a member of the family, sleeping, eating and being a part of the daily routine in a home.

This has increased the chance for women to enjoy animal sex, most of the sexual relations has in fact started quite innocent. Some of the women I have met tell me that it started after looking at the dog doing his daily cleaning —- that is licking himself and that they had started to fondle with his penis, others tell me the sex started by accident when the dog was sexual active and sniffed between their legs, some say it started with the dog trying to hump their legs, as dogs can do when they seek sexual relieve. It’s quite hard to give any accurate figures in sex with animals, it is after all taboo, but some reports such as the German Haffner Sex Report’ (1992) tells us that about 14% of the farmers on a regular basis practice sex with animals; this includes all kinds of animals found on the farm and of course even men included in the practicing of animal sex. The report also tells us that another 3% of the farmers have at some point ‘fooled around’ that is, masturbated the animal, played with its genitals etc.

This German report, based on several thousands of interviews, also shows that about 2-3% of all women has at some point tried some kind of dog sex, most of these from populated areas. About 80% of these women have continued having dog sex on a regular basis.

Psychological studies shows that more than 80% of all women has at some point fanaticized or dreamt about being taken by an animal, so it’s merely a decision of actually doing it, as we will learn from our interview subjects…

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Women with both dogs and horses are studied in this book…

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