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Badge Bunnies: Women Who Lust for Law Enforcement

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Klow - Badage Bunnies


Badge bunnies…women who have a thing for cops…those shiny badges…those long hard nightsticks…those silver handcuffs of shame…the flashing lights that make young girls go dizzy with delights…women who will do anything to get stopped by a sexy cop or anything to get out of a speeding ticket or a crime…

In his latest exploration into human sexuality and postmodern desire, Dr. Garth Mundinger-Klow interviews badge bunnies as well as police officers who have stories to tell about badge bunnies. Each case study is a leap into the sins of the law, where anything goes after a routine traffic stop, where kinky pleasures are fully investigated…Bad cops, good cops, lusty sheriffs and naughty lawmen, all of them carrying —


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Paying for It: Men and the Oldest Profession

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Klow - paying

Klow - Paying2

This is my first research project at the Beverly Hills Institute of Sexual Health Research, and my first title with Olympia Press.

It is about that oldest profession: prostitution, a.k.a. hooking, tricking, call girling, and providing.


About: An academic study by noted Sexologist Dr. Mundinger-Klow chronicling for the first time, in their own words, the men who pay for sexual favors. Who are these creatures? These sexual deviants? First-timers? The Aged? The truly perverted? In his exhaustive research, with copious notes and case histories, Dr. Mundinger-Klow discovers that the men who pay for it are truly among us. In all walks of life.

Additional: Dr. Mundinger-Klow, son of Gerda and Guenther, has done several original titles for us at the Olympia Press. This is his first book, with a glossary you’ll kill for, and, of course, Case Histories.

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