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Swapping It: Swinging As Lifestyle

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Klow - Swap

My second study concerns “swinging” in the postmodern world.

Swinging started in the 1950s among suburban couples in North America and Europe, had its heyday in the 1970s, trickled away in the 1980s, and started up again in “full swing” after 9/11. Perhaps a reaction to global terrorism, the need for more love? Or maybe the Internet has promoted swinging to thrive globally?

Either way, swinging has never been more popular among many people of many backgrounds, ages, and beliefs.

Polyamory, wife and husband swapping, threesomes, foursomes, and orgies, this study has it all!

This book is of interest to academics and the sexually curious out there, who might want to know just what other men and women are up to.

This book is also good for class use in sexology, sociology, anthropology, urban studies, travel and leisure.

There are a few ways to order this book.

Direct from Oympia Press, order here.

For Kindle, order from Amazon.

For ebook, order from Mobipocket.

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